Thursday, July 22, 2010


Thing a Day 29- G's Surprise Birthday Day

Thursday July 22-
So for 3 weeks I planned. I lied and misdirected and kept contact with all our friends in secret to pull this off and it was perfect!

"The Plan:

NOON @ Oregon Beer Fest:
Those coming for the first big surprise you need to be at the Waterfront Park at noon sharp. Meet up with Cassie and others in front of the Oak St. Entrance which is located in the middle of the festival.

If you have questions, get lost, need directions or anything else call Cassie on her cell phone.

I will shoot Cassie a heads up message just before we get off the max and head your way which should be 12:15-12:30 depending on how hard it is to get him out of the house on time. I'd recommend you also take the max as parking will be hellish. Plus it's free, and drops you off one block from the entrance!

LATER @ Oregon Beer Fest:
If you are joining us later than the noon meeting. Go ahead and feel free to shoot a message or call me on my cell to figure out where we are at!

6PM@ Wallace Park for free Concert
Please try to get to the park as close to 6 as possible and keep an eye open for other friends that will also be showing up here and looking for you! We will be taking him to a "surprise" location via street car and hope to arrive at about 6:15ish. The location is: Wallace Park - NW 25 & Raleigh, show is 6:30-8:00 PM.

I'm sure a gathering at a bar like the RAT (Rose and Thistle Pub) will follow and everyone is welcome to join us there!"

It was truly a perfect day!

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