Friday, July 23, 2010


Thing a Day 30- midwest here we come!

July 23 - August 2
I was seriously debating whether I would consider the whole trip one TAD or give each day it's own. Well, turns out that staying in a place that had no internet and no cell service I wouldn't have to decide till after we got back. And I'm glad for that because the trip was so jammed packed with doing stuff...all...the...time... that each day easily warranted it's very own post.

It may take me a little bit to get all the photos and stories posted but I'll keep pecking away at it and post-dating them for them to show up on the correct date (as I do with many posts that I take longer than expected to get to) and in the mean time post the most recent TADs as they happen.

ready, set, OHIO!

So day one actually begins slowly... and late since G was sleeping off his birthday hangover till like noon. But up 'n at 'em because we hadn't finished doing laundry or even started packing, figuring that the plane didn't leave till 11:30pm and we'd have all day to run errands. Which we did, including buying airplane sized bottles of whiskey for the ride and discovering this is pretty much the best idea ever.

Things get a little foggy here because then we fly BACK in time and meet up with the sun just about 2 hours after take off making that the shortest night ever and arriving somewhere around 7am local time hungry enough to believe that a breakfast sandwich from a truck stop Subway was pretty damn good. But I think this all counts as day 2....

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