Sunday, July 11, 2010


Thing a Day 25- World Cup Finals & Anniversary

Sunday July 11, 2010-
That's right, world cup finals. It was a long and wild ride and I'm sad to see it go. Though, now I'm more excited than ever for PDX's very own MLS team to get their asses here and playing games for my sheer enjoyment. But mostly I'll miss having a perfectly valid reason for being at the bar at 7am and drinking.

I made a huge veggie breakfast complete with fresh veg scramble and herbed homefries. It's a good thing we had kickball later in the day to help run off some of it.
Another big deal about this TAD is that G and I celebrated 3 years together. Even though we are insanely broke right now we tried to recreate the first date of coffee>movie>bar but on the cheap. Like, REALLY cheap. We walked the neighborhood trying to find a coffee shop that was open at 8pm and with no luck opted for cold starbucks lattes from Plaid Pantry. We took our coffees home, sat on our tiny porch and read questions out of a book I've had for years called Getting To Know You. We talked for more than an hour since the book asks weird questions you'd never think to ask someone and we ended up bunny-trailing off into stories we'd never really talked about. We followed that up with rewatching Hot Fuzz, which neither of us had seen since our first date and shared a beer that we somehow scraped together enough change to buy. (Holy crap, I'm glad my paycheck came in, being THAT broke really sucks. Hard.)
All in all it was a pretty great day and I'll finish it off by posting pics from the beginning of it all >. G, you're a rad dude! Thanks for everything.

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