Tuesday, May 12, 2009

I can't quite figure out why whoever it is that grows my food, seems to think I want bigger food. Have you ever tried an onion the size of a human head? It burns the shit out of your eyes when you cut it, assuming you have a monster sized knife BIG enough to cut it, and tastes a little like spicy feet. This is also true for big ass zuccini. Minus the spicy part. You think you're getting a good deal but really, everything just sort of tastes like feet once it gets that big.
Feet, by the way, do not taste very good.


Monday, May 04, 2009

Last Wednesday brought us a sad and unexpected (see photo below!) moment in our regular repertoire of LOST rollercoaster like emotional states.

As some of the biggest LOST dorks around we use skype to enlarge our weekly LOST parties to include friends in Eugene. It's handy for getting good group conversations, guesses, theories and philosophical conversations about the plot lines going. It's also good when they have the wits about them to capture moments like this.

A screen cap from Eugene's perspective of us in PDX reacting to our favorite character meeting an untimely (and TOTALLY unexpected) end.