Saturday, July 10, 2010


Thing a Day 24- Trek in the Park

Saturday July 10-
Portlandians LOVE anything and everything that supports the unofficial motto of "Keep Portland Weird". Zombie walks, naked bike rides, zoo bombers, amature porn festivals, Plunder-a-thon among hundreds of other happenings. TAD 23 fits happily into that definition, if you consider a small group of rag-tag theater nerds reenacting a classic episode of Star Trek in the park for free and hundreds of people coming to check it out, weird. Atomic Arts did a fantastic job of using minimal set and props and the musical score was live... and awesome!

Aside from being weirdos and general cacophonsits we like normal things too. Though it's more often than not an unnatural or unusual take on those normal things that catch our eye, we are major foodies, artists, coffee and beer connoisseurs which is why things like the Mississippi Street Fair (or really any street fair or block party) is so well attended.

Trek in the Park, along with a picnic dinner was a great way to wrap up an overly sunny and warm trip to the street fair.

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