Sunday, April 30, 2006


beer alteration amendment

So this weekend I took my new lighter beer goal to heart and started off the night with a couple of Sessions... ok not so bad...not so good either but what ever. I had a pabst- REALLY not so good and stole someone's something else that wasn't good either... then I fell off the wagon and bought a Lagunitas IPA. DEAR JEZUS JesuChristo-Madremia-de-la- Virgin-de-Guadalupe Santisima! I learned an important lesson.... Fuck light beer. Yup, that's it. Fuck light beer. It's obvious that it will be infintely easier to learn to pace myself throughout the night and nurse my beloved micros than to give them up. I'm happy, the bar is happy (micros, if you didn't know, cost at least twice as much) I support local business (breweries) and they're happy... my liver? not so happy... but who ever gave a shit what their liver had to say about the matter?

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