Sunday, July 31, 2011


Moving to Mississippi (...Avenue that is)

It's been a pretty brilliant 2 and a half years living in the Irvington neighborhood but now it's time for some new adventures. G and I have moved up to the Mississippi neighborhood and while we'll especially miss having our most favorite bar/ homework space The Rose and Thistle Pub right down the street, there are opportunities for a whole new realm of local watering holes.

The move was a treacherous double load in the u-haul and 4 weeks later we're still trying to suss out what to get rid of, where to put it, and how to arrange a space that's only marginally larger than the apartment but with double the occupants. That's right, we have roomies! It's hard to say no to saving over $200 a month on rent plus the roomies are musicians and artists, which is something I've been craving to be around.

We've been so busy we haven't had a chance to really check out the neighborhood in a proper manner but so far we've discovered that the new HUB Bike Bar, New Old Lompoc's 5th Quadrant and Robots Love Cupcakes are all in walking distance. Closer to home (at a measly 2 blocks from our front door) is Amnesia Brewing. Muddy's, Cup and Saucer and the fabulous Ruby Jewel Ice Cream. But far and away the most exciting is the fact a short shuffle from our place is the truly awesome Mississippi Studios (our favorite venue) and The Big Egg food cart at the Mississippi Marketplace cart pod.

old apartment. Never looked so clean!
we've already more neighbors here than 2 years in Irvington!

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