Wednesday, July 13, 2011


B-movie Bingo is Bonkers

Monday night marked two notable occasions. One, 4 years of good times hanging with G, the best friend you could ask for and 2. The first ever B-Movie Bingo at The Hollywood Theater.

Now usually this is where I would insert a description about what exactly it is I'm talking about but the title of the event pretty much covers it. You watch a horribly cheese B-movie, you mark off the squares on your bingo card, if you get a bingo, you win.

The genius of the game is that the bingo cards are the same every week. There's really not that much variation between cheesy movies... I know, hard to believe. All the good requisite stuff is present in any good b-movie so that things like "shooting while dying", "long boring scene", "male ponytail", "blown away by an explosion", "fight mano y mano" or "teamed up with rookie or animal" work well for just about any of them.

The only reason the theater wasn't completely and utterly packed to the gills is because this is the first time HT has put this on. I'm pretty sure as word gets out about how awesome it is, advanced purchase of tickets will become a necessity. Keep your eyes open for upcoming B-movie Bingos

If you missed this week's movie, Samuri Cop, you should definitely try to hunt it down and check it out, it's retchedly rad!

"The Japanese Katana Gang have a death grip on the city of Los Angeles, and who better to deal with the problem than Joe Marshall, the “Samurai Cop”.  Matt Hannon, who was once Sylvester Stallone’s personal bodyguard, stars in the title role.  This is a man that looks like a Dorito.  For half of the movie, he wears a woman’s wig with a baseball hat because he got a haircut during production.  And regarding his police work: let’s just say… he can “read eyes”.  Robert Z’dar co-stars as the evil samurai henchman bent on taking out Marshall.  His beard obscures his enormous jaw.  This movie has totally awesome music, the best dialogue (hands down) and one of the weirdest fight scenes ever.  Be ready for burning humans, severed limbs, gun and sword fights, and lots of long awkward love scenes.  Join Joe “The Samurai” Marshall and his sidekick Frank as they take on the minions of the crime underworld.  A work of total genius.  Written and directed by Amir Shervan."

Personal favorite scene:

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