Tuesday, June 14, 2011


Wandering PDX

It's been a good long time (as in never) since we just wandered around town. We hopped the max to W Burnside to check out the ships that were in town for fleet week. As happens with most anything in Portland that's free, the wait to tour the ships was completely insane even in the middle of the day on a Friday. So we wandered people watching, snapping photos and chatting and it was really actually quite exciting. One of those many moments that make me feel so attached to this city.

As we checked out the ships we meandered further and further south till we got to Hawthorne bridge. Walk across to see the ships from the bridge and also managed to capture a man on a Segway hearding a small group of young boys who were marching along in front of him. Immediately after that a woman passing by pointed out the coast guard boats escorting a 2 person kayak past the Navy gun ships.

We continued to Lucky Lab pub for a pint; snapping shots of train graffiti, rooftop art and wheat paste posters along the way. Looking to walk the couple miles back home since we were already on the east side anyway we shot over to Produce Row to meet up with a friend to celebrate her masters graduation. All in all a perfectly fantastic day in p-town.

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