Friday, October 03, 2008


More Cleverer Than the VPs

I have to say I was a little disappointed in the VP debate. I was hoping for a trainwreck, just like everyone else. And to be honest I might have secretly been bracing for a super duper mega trainwreck. I'm talking 'super speed train full of fluffy bunnies and baby kittens plows through a double decker bus of small children on their way to a Gerber baby look-alike contest' kind of horror show. But that wasn't even anything more than 'a cow on the train tracks that the conductor saw in just enough time to pull the e-brake and stop safely except for a couple of tea cups falling off the shelf and cracking in the dinner cart' let down.

So maybe that's why we found our 'bring your cleverly named dish to the debate' dinner so funny.
* Joe Biden Buffalo Wings
* Bridge to No Where Nachos
* Homeland Security Hummus with Putin Pita Chips
* Bailout Brownies
and of course, Alaska Amber Ale!

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