Monday, September 29, 2008


Back to School-day 1... fareless square and humping dinos

I feel quite proud of myself for hunting down a much more efficient public transpo option for school. Originally looking at a ride on the max and 15 or so blocks of walking each way had me look for an alternative and the number 8 bus is my savior knocking that 15 blocks down to 2 and since it's all in Portland's life saving FARELESS SQUARE I don't have to pay for crap. You don't get as much sun or excercise with that option but with the rain soon to be upon us, I'm not complaining. The only other bummer is that with such a short walk to class the only coffee shop with in 6 blocks is a f*cking Starbucks. I just cant. (a weird note about PSU campus, it has like 4 Starbucks! This is Portland, does anyone actually drink Starbucks, much less enough people to warrant 4 of them??)

Since oreintation, I've been a little concered about whether or not I'm actually making it into the correct classes. My schooling in the past was a 1 year basics/1 year intensive program which is hailed as one of the best in the country but doesn't give you alot of time to develop your own design style NOR do the credits translate to a 4 year school very well. At orientation the councelors mostly shrugged their shoulders and asked me if the class description sounded like something I'd already learned. It should be noted that class descriptions are equally as generic as the names of the classes themselves (type, page design, digital communication... What do those even mean??)

The teacher is a cute, recently graduated grad student/designer/artist/press owner who reminds me of Bam Margera from Jackass. Other than that I was also surprised at the relative normalcy of the other students. I guess I was expecting a bunch of people dressed in black with scarves and shagged hair brooding over glossy design annuals or something but they were all pretty normal looking if not seemingly incapable of speaking. Questions asked by the teacher barely elicited a nod from the bunch. All of them that is except for THAT GUY....THAT GUY had on jeans and a shirt, a wooly unshaven face and as I looked at him I surmised that he might be that funny guy that everybody gets along with, or maybe a quite shy kid who has a knack for sketch art but no... it looks as though THAT GUY is going to be filling the position of the socially inept tool who can't keep his mouth shut regardless of how inappropriate the timing but never fails to crack himself up, loudly.

"Ha ha ha, where'd all the pens go? Like they got lost in the bermuda triangle of pens? Ha ha ha, Where'd they go, that's an important question, ha ha ha" (What the F*uck is THAT GUY talking about?!?! He's talking about pens, what??!)
Teacher: "so do any of you ever spend time looking through the design magazines at Powell's (an enormous, much loved and locally owned bookstore)

THAT GUY: "Does Borders count?" HA ha ha ha ha h... (borders being the oversized international chain loathed by most locals for putting small guys out of business the world over)

Teacher: "no"

Teacher: "so here are several examples of magazine design, easy to find on the internet" (as he flips through several web pages)


I've decided I'm giving THAT GUY exactly one more class to get his act together before I exert my authority as the oldest person in the room (yes,even older than the professor) so therefore I don't give a shit about anything except THAT GUY shutting up.
That's my new mission. "Curse you THAT GUY! I WILL bring you down!! (or at least get you to keep your f*cking yap closed for most of class)
And here is the rest of it.

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