Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Kruger's Crossing Cyclocross Classic

A couple days ago we went out to Kruger's Farm on Sauvie Island with some friends who were in town from Seattle. We actually went out there because the rainclouds looked like they might drift off for a bit and leave us with sun and since Left Coast Country was playing a show out there, it seemed like a perfect late fall afternoon.

What we hadn't expected was a massive Cyclocross race to be in effect. It was muddy. REALLY muddy. It was packed with people jeering good-naturedly at passing riders as they sloshed beers around in one hand and violently shook cow bells with the other. The Captured By Porches beer bus was present, the last of fall crops on display for purchase and parents, kids and dogs all running around like mad, dressed up, covered in mud and having a great time.

Below are a bunch of images from the day. If you're really into cyclocross... or dogs... or people falling down in the mud you can check out the full set on my flickr.

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