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Run Like Hell (and a marriage proposal)

I was never one of those girls who dreamed about what her wedding would be like. I never dreamed about getting married in a big white dress and having children and buying a home. My dreams have always been of travel, silly parties and costumes, laughter, friends and drop-of-the-hat adventures that might be as simple as bussing across town to find a specialty beer I'd been hearing about.

G knew this about me and was fine that I had no pointed interest in getting a ring on my finger on any specific timeline. I'd mentioned it many times and one of the sweetest things he ever said was "well, if I thought you wanted to get married I would have asked you a long time ago. So if you ever change your mind you'll have ask me".  So I did just that.

For over a year I tried to put together something special but things kept falling apart, the timing wasn't right, the situation felt forced or most recently several wonderful couples got engaged including my sister and I wanted to focus on that.

G and I have been trying to practice healthier life choices recently. We quit smoking earlier this year and regular exercise is, as always, on the list. This, coupled with costumes and an almost flash-mobesque take over of downtown portland made the Run Like Hell a more perfect choice than anything I had previously imagined. G's uncle passed away just a couple years ago due to Lou Gehrig's disease and it just so happened the the RLH this year was raising money for ALS research.

Run Like Hell Proposal

While many people think that public proposals are loud, tacky productions that don't respect the 'solemnity' of the proposal to take center stage... well, if you know G and I that's a pretty fitting description of us as people. It couldn't have been a better fit!

An incredibly huge thank you to our friends and family for being there, for loved ones who were there in spirit and to Kelly Wilde of June Lion Photography who's keen eye and uncanny ability to capture the true nature of special moments will allow us to relive it, till death do us part.

I thought instead of practicing what to say that the words would just come to me... which resulted in strangely nerdy blathering about time machines.

"50 or 60 years from now, when it's the future and we're really, really old... if i had a time machine at the end of my life, i would travel back to the day i met you and not change a thing. All of time, all of space, all the dimensions... I would always choose you. You are my best friend. I want you to be my partner, my eternal drinking buddy (you ready? Here it comes...) Garrett will you marry me?"

Run Like Hell Proposal Run Like Hell Proposal Run Like Hell Proposal Run Like Hell Proposal Run Like Hell Proposal Run Like Hell Proposal 
Run Like Hell Proposal Run Like Hell Proposal Run Like Hell Proposal Run Like Hell Proposal Run Like Hell Proposal

You can find the full set on Flickr here!

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