Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Portland SuperCon 2012

I love dressing up. I love costumes and theatrics and public performance and stage makeup and special effects and meeting new people and beer. So it stands to reason that I would love themed pub crawls. And aside from the few I host each year... like our Valentine's Day Zombie Crawl... we make it a point to attend at least a few others. And few things are more wonderful than a costumed pub crawl that I don't have to be in charge of!

SuperCon is delightfully super; with heros, villains, sidekicks and an abundance of nemesis to go around. Competitions in feats of strength, super knowledge trivia and a costume contest among chatting, muscle flexing and revelation of clever Super names and powers. Some of my favorites this year were Rain Man with his umbrella of justice, Door Man who was, indeed, super at making sure the door was always open for people entering and exiting and an adorable couple dressed as the villainous duo Paul and Ester. My friend Isaac wins an honorable mention for his obscenely fun Super Gay Logger.

A big thanks to Tom's Restaurant, The Hedge House, The Whiskey Soda Lounge and the Clinton Street Pub for accommodating our tomfoolery!

 SuperCon-Portland-Pub-Crawl-11 SuperCon-Portland-Pub-Crawl-30 SuperCon-Portland-Pub-Crawl-34 SuperCon-Portland-Pub-Crawl-44 SuperCon-Portland-Pub-Crawl-86 SuperCon-Portland-Pub-Crawl-67 SuperCon-Portland-Pub-Crawl-66SuperCon-Portland-Pub-Crawl-81 SuperCon-Portland-Pub-Crawl-92 SuperCon-Portland-Pub-Crawl-93 SuperCon-Portland-Pub-Crawl-99

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