Wednesday, June 30, 2010


Thing a Day 17- Downtown Concerts

Wednesday, June 30
One of the many awesome things about PDX's summers are the incredible abundance of FREE stuff to do around town. Being as insanely broke as we are this summer, this is a huge plus about living here. You could honestly probably do something around town every single day of the week all summer long and never spend a single dime if you have a bike and a small cooler.

We went to check out Portland Center for the Performing Arts' free outdoor summer concert series
call Music on Main St. We checked out a band we hadn't heard before called Pancake Breakfast and were pleasantly surprised by their wide range of styles throughout the show.

We followed the show up by walking a block to eat a 'picnic' dinner of cold leftover pizza in the park blocks and people watch then hopped the max home. Happiness!

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