Thursday, June 24, 2010


Thing a day 5- 7am World Cup Soccer

Fri. June 18

Kim was in town and it's a pretty sure bet that her mention of a very early morning get-together to watch the US v. Slovenia some place local (since she was in town) meant she'd actually show up. (Some friends aren't quite what you'd call early birds-including us)

At 6:45am G and I strolled a few blocks down to the R.A.T (Rose and Thistle) because we'd seen they were opening early for games and we hoped this meant the really early games such a this one too. We figured we'd show up, grab a table for anyone else who showed up and maybe have a bloody mary. What we DIDN'T expect was our favorite local spot to be twice as packed as we'd EVER seen it on the busiest friday night, shoulder to shoulder standing room only full of laughing, cheering, jolly drunk, Portlanders. At 7:10am. On a weekday. (it should be noted there were 2 other places on the SAME block showing the game, serving booze who were equally full).

Though my suspicions are that PDXers are more interested in the ability to sit at a bar getting sloshed at 7am than watching international soccer, the reaction to goals made and lost still have me second guessing that sentiment.

Joined later by my sister and friend Rob (both with massive hangovers from cheap wine around the backyard fire the night before) we left the RAT for some after-game breakfast at the Mississipi Marketplace Cart Pod. G and I discovered the cart The Big Egg a few weeks ago and have been dying to introduce the best ever breakfast burrito to other people. (Don't believe me? See what other people have to say about it!)

The beauty of the Mississippi pod is that they are in the paved and covered lot adjoining the bar Prost! at it's outdoor patio. The patio opens out into the cart area and signs at the entrance tell visitors that cart food is welcome if you're drinking. well, DUH! Of course we're drinking!

We got our burritos and Monte Carlos and sat on the patio with giant german biers, enjoying the long awaited sun and outstanding breakfast. By noon, we went our separate ways... presumably to take naps.

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