Thursday, June 24, 2010


Thing a day 4

Wed. June 16

Started going to the gym. I've actually been a part of this gym for quite a while but you know how that seems to always work out with the whole paying even though you're not going because someday you're going to start going on a regular basis... so...yeeeahhhhh.

Anyway, the Lloyd Athletic Club kicks ass. It's super cheap for students,includes membership to 4 area gyms (one with a pool!) has dance inspired aerobics classes such as zumba, racquetball and a bar. And I'm not talking the kind for doing chin-ups!

This is mostly because the kball crew has decided to do a summertime fitness challenge. 3 personal fitness goals in 3 months ending with Portland's Walk for the Cure and possibly a group roadtrip to Cali for In-n-Out, camping and The Price is Right. I'm hoping to merengue off 20 pounds, limber up to splits-capable status and make it through an entire zumba class at full hip-shimmying speed without having a heart-attack.

photo courtesy of Zumba Fitness LLC

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