Monday, June 28, 2010


Tad 14 & 15- Organic Brew Fest

Friday June 25
So being broke (as many of us often are during the summer without financial aid checks to help cover costs) G and I have been trying to get creative with ways to do the cool stuff we want to do. Can't afford all of Portland's many brew festivals? Try volunteering! We signed up and worked a 2-6pm shift, met cool people and learned the finer points of how to work the beer fest system (apparently you should try to get on the first shift of the weekend so that you can try all the unique beers while there are still kegs of it left and also the last shift of the weekend so that you get to attend the after party where the volunteers and brewers kill off what's left of all the tapped kegs from the festival)

We weren't able to stay for too long afterwards because of the need to get home and prepare Cheesy Movie Night at out house. This week was the childhood summertime classic The Sandlot. But mostly people just got really drunk and visited.

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