Sunday, July 19, 2009


Photo a day- day 2- Goodwill Bins

We met up with some new friends and headed over to the Goodwill outlet store also known as "The Bins" in Beaverton. Basically you dig through bins of stuff, collect your treasures and checkout with pay-by-the-pound discounts! I'd heard some crazy stories about people getting in fist fights over electronics and others accidentally grabbing poop filled underwear hidden under top layers of clothing. And to be sure, you should make regular trips to el bano to wash your hands if your a germ-a-phob but I kind of wonder if it's all blown out of proportion on yelp by some sneaky hipsters who just want to scare others away from all the goodies to be found.

I thought this was really cute and mom on the left side of the pic was super embarrassed that I was capturing her kid in the bins saying "oh my gosh, that's going to look so white trash of me". Good times!

And here is the rest of it.

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