Monday, July 20, 2009


Photo a day- day 3- Rock Banding

In a desperate attempt to get in some photos under the midnight deadline for the day I snapped a few pics of an impromptu Rock Band get together in our living room. Actually I think I came home from hanging out with my sister to Garrett pounding away at the drums in a sultan's robe he found the day before at The Bins for like a dollar, quite proud of himself that he'd figured out how to grab his PBR and take a swill without losing the beat. His friend was slouched down in a chair I found on the side of the road earlier in the week poking away at the plastic guitar.
They eventually talked me into trying to sing along. I tried to sing "Are You Gonna Be My Girl" by Jet which is definitely a screaming kind of song if you wanna hit those high notes. I pulled my throat muscle. No joke. Could barely swallow for 2 days and my voice kept cracking. Stupid Rock Band. And here is the rest of it.

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