Monday, August 04, 2008


Moving Day, Part 1 - Across Town...

I never cease to amaze myself.

I like to think of myself as basically a minimalist. I'm perfectly happy with the basics. I don't need a lot to make me happy and I tend to get frustrated and stressed when there's a significant mess.

So how is it that I have SO MUCH CRAP!?!?!
How did I amass this mess of doo-dads, nick-nacks, and momentos that are crammed into every goddamn corner of my tiny room? And how did I never notice it till 4 hours before the moving truck will be here? (don't ask why I didn't start till 4 hours before the moving truck.
My issues with procrastination are a whole other story)

The other part of this that makes it worse is that I can't seem to bring myself to trash this junk. I'll admit
that it's fun to have that wave of memories come rushing back to me when I inadvertently pull a wrist band out of a drawer full of other pointless souvenirs, but I haven't see this thing probably since I drunkenly wrenched it off my wrist and crammed it in my junk drawer before passing out half dressed onto the bed.

And why can't I seem to free myself of clothes that I've "outgrown". I don't consciously believe that I'll get so motivated or even care enough to lose the weight needed to squeeze back into an entire wardrobe of clothes I haven't been small enough to wear since I came back from a 2 year long strict diet of beans and rice. (central american open air meat markets aren't especially well known for their high standards in refrigeration making the idea of going veggie highly appealing despite the lack of many veggie option other than, well, veggies.

I feel like I purge incessantly, holding annual garage sales that usually end up yielding about $6.50 in pity offerings and then just give the rest away to anyone who happens to stroll by. Yet here I am sitting amid a sea of too-small clothing that has apparently been procreating too-small offspring in the dark underbelly of my bed.

If I had to do it once this month it might not be so bad but somehow I've got to figure out what to pack. How to pack it. What I'll use or might use while living out of my parent's guest room for the next 3 weeks. What I can keep in said guest room and what I'm willing to adventure to the garage for if needed. All so that I don't unpack too much stuff that I'll have to simply repack, needlessly for our move to Portland.

I suppose I could continue the rant however I'm down to 3 hours till the trucks here so I suppose I should figure out something with all these shoes i have....


PS- stay tuned to my blog for future installments of MOVING DAY to include my "Ode to The Whiteaker", "Smell ya Later Eugene" and "Moving Day part 2, the Big Move North".

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