Tuesday, February 13, 2007


There's a reason VD also stands for Valentine's Day....

I love that M&M's puts out candies that are color coordinated with the seasons. Not that I need a reason to crunch on one of these tasty peanutty treats but the fact that they only come in pink or pastel green or black once a year gives me another good reason to indulge a little.

Does anyone still buy this Valentine's day crap? They must. I walk into a grocery store and it's a virtual mad dash and mauling to snatch up the last tacky celophaned box of waxy goo filled chocolates and bunch of smelly, overpriced, wilting roses. When...what....who...I don't understand!!!!

Men are simple creatures. I love them for that. It's greatly appreciated because god knows we women can be complex and confounding beings. You even us out. But I honestly don't understand things like the cute athletic 20 year old standing in front of me at Albertson's with a heart shaped box of candies he literally dug out of the discount cart on isle 4. And a card I saw him pick up off the magazine rack while waiting in line that someone else had decided against buying. Does he not get it? Does he not care? It seems that he's gotten far too accustomed to living off his good looks to bother putting forth any effort. The scarier thing is that somewhere out there is a girl who's going to squeal with delight, feigned or not, when he hands over the chocolates and the card.... the bouquet of roses and then 'surprise' her with dinner at a restaurant (oh. ah.... yawn)
In case anyone is wondering this would be the quickest way in my book to get dumped. Where is the romance in doing what everyone else is doing? Why is buying expensive jewelry a symbol of how much you care about someone?

This makes me intensely annoyed, nauseated even. I say, how much you care about someone should be directly related to how cleverly you can NOT spend money! How memorable can you make this evening? Money can buy just about everything... Creativity, however is not one of those things. This year, sans date (or much $$), I expect to be very memorable indeed!
Can anyone say V-day Zombie Pub Crawl? That's right, zombie.

A note to anyone I date in the future... If I can find this much entertainment on V-day without you, you've got quite a challenge to outdo do it for next year! Good luck with that!

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