Sunday, November 26, 2006


5 reasons not to hate his Exes

Something I wrote for a friend last year (who I happened to meet because she was dating one of my exes). A conversation I had today reminded me of it. And since I thought it was kind of clever, I'm sharing with you.

5 reasons not to hate his ex-girlfriends

It could be easy to harbor some small amount of animosity towards your new lover's ex but here are a few reasons that it's not necessary.

1. Who he is today

A lot of the things you love about him can be attributed to things he learned to do or NOT do, as the case may be, in past relationships. You learned how to communicate better, how to be more thoughtful and how to disagree/argue more effectively (hopefully) by practicing on your exes and so has everyone else.

2. Tell-tale of his character

A guy who remains friends with an ex might feel a little uncomfortable for you at first but you should think about all the great things that says about his personality. He understands that relationships between men and women don't have to always be sexual and that even if they were at one point, he's mature enough to know that just because it didn't work romantically doesn't mean he has to miss out on all the things he has in common with that person as a friend.

3. He's with you, not her

You don't have to worry about him running off with an ex. Most guys could give you hours of detailed stories pertaining to why they broke up with their ex. Though they probably shouldn't spout off about it unless asked. There is a reason that he's with you not her. (Though if he doesn't have ANY stories about why he's not with her.... head's up!! )

4. Those wild things he does in the bedroom

He might be creative but you don't really think he just came up with those on his own do you? Nope, not a night of watching cheap cheesey porn movies either. You can probably thank one of his Exes for him helping hone that crazy streak.

5. You both have an entire life that exsisted before eachother

How obnoxious is it to be around people who are so googely over each other that they don't realize anything else in the world exists. If you don't want to hear about any of the things he did with exes you're going to miss a lot. Think about how many funny stories, cool trips and amazing things you've seen in the past that happened while you were out with some one you were dating. If you get weird about it you're going to miss out on knowing your guy better, understanding where he's coming from and the cool stuff he's seen and done.

Extra Credit-

There's no better 'vengance' than happiness. Be yourself, be friendly, be confident. What? She's going to hate you because you're genuinely nice? Who knows, you might find out you actually have some things in common (besides him).

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